Tuguegarao, The Philippines

Transportation Needs Assessment (TNA)

A TNA is a field research project that assesses the transportation needed in a geographic ministry area (GMA). It inventories:  Who?   Has to go where?   How often?   Carrying what?

Although a TNA is not required to develop a transportation program, knowing the transportation needed in a GMA would be a valuable, foundational step in developing an appropriate program. The major steps are shown in a flowchart, which is explained in this video.

By entering the TNA findings into the SMI Tool, insight can be gained regarding whether a program should consist of aviation, surface transport, or a combination of both.

Conducting a TNA would take time, money, and someone to do the research; it would involve significant work. However, the investment would result in more-effective transportation, and in better stewardship of kingdom assets.

The TNA materials can be downloaded from this page. If you have a question or would like more information, please contact the AER researcher.