Funding and Support

The Aviation Effectiveness Research (AER) was a JAARS initiative intended to benefit the greater missionary aviation community. Shortly after the AER was commissioned, a number of organizations and individuals recognized the value of the project, and provided both financial and practical support for the endeavor. The strong relationships JAARS had with other missionary aviation organizations made the AER feasible. JAARS provided a majority of the funds and sought additional funds from other members of IAMA, the International Association of Missionary Aviation. Further, JAARS transferred ownership of the AER data and findings to IAMA, thereby making the AER material available to benefit the greater missionary aviation community.

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Financial support was provided by:


MMS Aviation

Ethnos360 Aviation

Plus private individuals.

Practical field support was provided by:

In Cameroon

in Niger

Along with SIL Aviation in Brasil

in Peru

in Indonesia

in the Philippines and PNG

in Papua New Guinea


The AER videos are hosted by Moody Aviation – a Ministry of Moody Bible Institute

Moody Aviation

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