In-depth field research on the effectiveness of missionary aviation

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Mot, Papua, Indonesia

Make knowledgeable decisions.

Communicate aviation’s effectiveness.

Steward kingdom assets.

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The Aviation Effectiveness Research (AER) quantifies aviation’s effectiveness relative to surface transport. It identifies the specific ways aviation carries out its functions and sub-functions. The research also gives practical insight on when to use aviation and when to use surface transport.

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A Toolset

The AER provides actionable principles for using aviation effectively. It contains a time saved calculator and a tool for determining the extent to which aviation’s inherent strengths are maximized. Key numbers can be quickly brought together with the effectiveness calculator, and materials are available to assess the transport needed in a geographic ministry area.

Research Findings

Inquire about aviation’s effectiveness at advancing people’s work

Research Findings


Time Saved Calculator
Strength’s Maximization
Instrument Panel


Requisite Transport Assessment

Material for assessing
the transport needed
in a ministry area

Requisite Transport Assessment


Aircraft are some of the most expensive assets in the kingdom.
We are expected to use them well in the service of the King.
The AER was designed to help us do exactly that.

Tohla, Niger